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Mvix Introduces Intelligent Smart Playlist Technology to its Digital Signage Platform


Sterling, VA. August 2, 2016: Mvix, a leading provider of cloud-based digital signage solutions, today announced the launch of a completely automated Smart Playlist technology to their digital signage ecosystem. The new campaign playlist system auto-populates media based on content tags, allowing intelligent scheduling across the digital signage network.

Digital signage has reached maturity where the technology itself is a proven delivery mechanism. The focus is now shifting to content and its ease of deployment. Content is what customers/employees interact with, not digital displays or media players. This is driving companies to create large amounts of content to influence buying in customers or productivity in employees. Such vast amounts of content call for an efficient way to organize content libraries and playback.

This is what inspired Mvix to develop its premium Smart Playlist technology.

Each piece of content added to the CMS can be associated with multiple complementary tags e.g. fall promo, teen apparel, new york, malls etc. - options are virtually endless. Campaign playlists can be defined to display “Fall Promos” of “Teen apparel” in “New York” “Malls”. Instead of scrolling through content and choosing dozens of images to manually add to a playlist, the Smart Playlist technology will auto create campaigns to be deployed on screens.

 Innovative and Intelligent Smart Playlist Technology for Digital Signage by MvixThis intelligent feature builds a playlist with, literally, just one click.

And, the intelligent system recognizes newly uploaded media and auto-deploys in relevant campaigns - without human intervention.

“When dealing with pages and pages of content, adding files to a playlist one-by-one can be painful. It’s a very tedious and time consuming task,” said A. Jay, the Mvix Senior Director of Business Relations. “Smart Playlists simplify the task by automating the process of building and updating campaigns, allowing users to manage content easily and efficiently across the signage network.”

This new intelligent Smart Playlist technology makes Mvix’s digital signage solution an extremely powerful content management system. Playlists are incredibly important in digital signage. They give structure and meaning to content. A well organized playlist makes for a well organized customer/employee experience. Therefore, a Smart Playlist that builds and auto-updates itself automatically translates to more intelligent content playback, which translates to better experiences for audiences.

Smart Playlist is especially beneficial for large digital signage networks e.g. DOOH networks, restaurant chains, banks, corporate offices with multiple locations, manufacturing companies with different facilities, etc. These networks often have multiple displays in multiple locations with different audiences - however with some overlapping content across venues.

With Smart Playlist for an ad network for instance, each content file can be tagged using the name of the advertiser, the target market and/or day the ad needs to be played. Playlists can then be automatically built based on these tags. Managing such a playlist then becomes infinitely easier. New ads are automatically added to a playlist when tagged correctly: in this way, Smart Playlist also facilitates content continuity. Combined with the existing “auto-expire” feature in its media management, Mvix digital signage platform aims to radically simplify DOOH content scheduling.

Scores of content management systems can do the basics of digital signage. However, Smart Playlist gives Mvix’s CMS an edge by enabling users to build a much stronger narrative that engages customers and employees.

“It’s all about making the system comprehensive, yet absolutely easy to use”, said A. Jay.

About Mvix:
Founded in 2005, Mvix is a leading provider of cloud-based digital signage and multi-screen video wall solutions, including an enterprise content management system with dozens of dynamic content apps & widgets. The company provides turnkey solutions to multiple industries including foodservice, education, healthcare, hospitality, corporate offices, and manufacturing among others.


Since inception, Mvix’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions has put the company at the forefront of the digital signage industry. In 2016, the company was ranked as one of the Top 25 Content Delivery Network Solutions Transforming Business and also one of the Top 10 Ad Management Software Solution Providers. In 2015, they were named one of Top 20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Technology Solution Providers and in 2012, they were honored on the prestigious Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America. Read more about Mvix Digital Signage Solutions:

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