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Domtar installs Mvix Digital Signage Systems
across its 20-acre Johnsonburg Mill to enhance employee communications


Sterling, VA. Mar 12, 2015: Domtar Corporation, one of the biggest employers in Elk County, Pennsylvania, installs Mvix digital signage systems across its 20 acre plant. The paper mill’s 4 business units will be equipped with multiple digital signage screens to enhance employee communication and publish HR health, safety, and quality information.

Domtar designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide variety of fiber-based products including communication papers, specialty and packaging papers and absorbent hygiene productsDomtar Corporation, is the largest integrated marketer and manufacturer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and one of the largest in the world. They have 13 pulp and paper mills (9 in the United States and 4 in Canada), with an annual production capacity of approximately 3.4 million tons of uncoated freesheet paper. Domtar, which trades on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges, reported 2014 sales of $5.6 billion.

The Johnsonburg Mill has a 125-year history in Pennsylvania. With 4 business units spanning over 20 acres, the mill has an annual paper production capacity of 369,000 tons and pulp production capacity of 238,000 tonnes. Its 2 paper machines produce business paper for copiers, xerographic, envelopes, and offset printing, as well as commercial printing paper used in such items as financial reports and hardcover books. If you've ever read a Harry Potter book... you thumbed through Johnsonburg paper.

Manufacturing facilities may be the best equipped out of any work environment to reap the benefits of digital signage in the workplace. Employees charged with repeating technical tasks and operating complex machinery do not have ready access to the traditional mediums of phone and email service. This required Domtar’s Johnsonburg Mill to find a more cost-effective and convenient way to communicate efficiently and effectively with their over 350 employees.

"Safety is a core value here at Domtar,” said Martin Ogden, the IT Manager at Domtar’s Johnsonburg Mill. “Digital signage allows us to reinforce safety information via safety videos and training, safety monitoring, and safety tracking.”

Digital signage for manufacturing plants is an asset. The benefits are wide ranging, from increasing safety awareness to improving plant communications and providing real-time presentation of metrics without relying on regular access to a computer. Displaying such information excites and empowers the workforce to improve productivity.

enterprise-grade digital signage systemMartin and his team reviewed between 15-20 vendors before selecting Mvix. “Mvix was a no-brainer,” Martin added. “Their solution was low cost, and offered a lot of flexibility with regards to remote management.” Mvix trained the Domtar IT team on the digital signage software, XhibitSignage, and they in turn trained about 20 content providers.

XhibitSignage is a multi-user platform, allowing multiple users to have access to the same account. The web-based software is feature-rich, easier to use and had no annual fees. Account administrators can create users and assign highly specialized rights and permissions for each functional level of the network. For example, a user might be given access to a collection of media and playlist, but may be restricted from editing schedules of playback. That, coupled with the use of solid-state based Xhibit signage systems makes Mvix a front-runner in enterprise-grade digial signage projects.

The support we received from the team at Mvix was world-class. They were attentive and very thorough. We couldn’t be happier!” Martin added. “As we continue to expand, Mvix will be our go-to for all of our digital signage needs."

“Martin and his entire team were great to work with,” said A. Jay, the Mvix Senior Director of Business Relations. “They understand the value of digital signage and have done an outstanding job in leveraging its functionality to the fullest. We are very excited to continue our partnership as they continue to expand and find more uses for our digital signage systems.

Mvix’s enterprise-level digital signage systems support “set it and forget it” programming. This frees up a lot of time for floor managers and enables them to spend more time on the floor with their plant workers. The software is 100% web-based making it easily accessible, includes free media widgets and free updates and has a very flexible and user friendly scheduling tool built in it, which generates engaging communications that include safety reminders and alerts.

Mvix, based in Sterling, Virginia, was founded in 2005 and has become one of the industry leaders in the field of cloud-based digital signage solutions. With over 11K clients and 33K+ installations in over 29 countries, Mvix has established itself as a dominant player in the affordable digital signage market.

Our digital signage systems have powerful dynamic data capabilities which is ideal for manufacturing facilities who need to reinforce communications by visualizing data,“ stated A. Jay. “Connected and informed employees are well worth the effort,

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